Is eczema an autoimmune disease?

dermatitis eczema

Eczema and autoimmune disease

Have researchers figured it out yet? ...

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12 ways to take Skin Friend

healthy recipe supplements

The purity of our supplements means you have the power to choose how you consume Skin Friend. Here are some suggestions ...

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Nutritionist discovers eczema breakthrough

atopic dermatitis dermatitis healthy recipe

Georgie making the Skin Friend smoothie on 7 News

Watch the news video "Nutritionist discovers eczema breakthrough"

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Juice detoxes and cleansing: are they good for eczema?


Juice cleansing for eczema

Juice cleaning for healthy skin, weight loss and detoxification as seen on Today Extra ...

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The top 2 tips for weight loss and healthy skin

alkalizing Younger Skin in 28 Days


Healthy Weight loss

Weight loss, healthy skin, and a free food chart ...

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