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Having a skin disorder can be one of the most devastating, painful and embarrassing experiences. Here at Skin Friend, we are all about supporting you during this difficult time, so you can manage and prevent your skin problem. We supply carefully crafted products to suit even the most painful, sensitive and inflamed skin types. 

Karen Fischer (managing director)

Our founder, Karen Fischer, is a nutritionist and award-winning author whose personal journey with eczema, TSW, psoriasis and dermatitis are the reasons Skin Friend exists.

Karen's passion for helping people with skin disorders began when her baby developed severe eczema. By age two, her daughter's eczema had worsened. So with Karen's knowledge of nutritional biochemistry, she designed a diet and a supplement routine that cleared up her daughter's eczema. 

For the past decade Karen has helped thousands of skin disorder patients via her eczema clinic in Sydney. While she no longer sees patients, Karen spends her time formulating new products to help those in need. 


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Sasha Paul (sales)

Sasha previously suffered from eczema throughout her childhood and early 20s. She is currently studying to be a nutritionist at Nature Care College in Sydney. 

What we think is great about Sasha is her passion for raising money for cancer charities and she does a fabulous job helping out at her children's school, raising money for school projects, baking and ensuring the canteen sells healthy foods for our kids. She is often found in her kitchen cooking delicious and healthy snacks for the family, using her Thermomix.

Adrian Paul (finance)

Adrian is our finance guy and an avid sailor in his spare time. He is the COO at Whybin TBWA Advertising Group, Australia (they look after Apple in Australia!). Adrian and his wife Sasha have two lovely boys.

Katie Layland and Deb (reception)

Katie is currently in her final year studying to be a nutritionist. She also helps and contributes to developing and preparing the delicious eczema-friendly recipes for our blog. 

Deb is a marketing strategist who previously suffered with neurogenic dermatitis/eczema (her skin is 100% clear now). Deb followed The Eczema Diet and Skin Friend regime to clear up her skin, so feel free to chat with her on Monday or Friday for advice while following the diet. 


Contact us

Please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always listening to feedback and we love working closely with the eczema/skin disorder community. We wish to help as many sufferers as we can and we are thankful for our loyal Skin Friend community – you inspire us to keep doing what we do.

Our office is located in a picturesque spot in central Sydney at the Eczema Life Clinic. Our office hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 9.30am to 3pm (EST)

Tuesday (closed)

HQ: +61 2 9398 8886 

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Skin Friend was formerly known as JOLIEE SKIN and Health Before Beauty, which was launched in 2001.