How I beat my eczema: Tips from an eczema sufferer

allergy probiotics rash supplements the eczema diet treatment

How I beat eczema with diet

Tips from a former eczema sufferer on how to manage eczema using diet and supplements...

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Banana Beet Smoothie Bowl for eczema

dairy free gluten free healthy recipe

Banana Beet Smoothie Bowl recipe
This detox smoothie bowl recipe contains beetroot which is surprisingly yummy in smoothies ...

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Dunaliella salina: the new super-carotenoid for eczema and healthy skin

supplements treatment


The new super-carotenoid for healthy skin comes from the ocean, not carrots...

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List of food additives to avoid

chemical sensitivity salicylate sensitivity

If there is a food chemical that you want to check, do a search within this list to see if you can consume it safely ... 

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Carob Tea Recipe

dairy free gluten free healthy recipe low amine low salicylate

Carob tea recipe eczema-friendly

Carob is a great chocolate-free substitute that is good for the skin. It’s a rich source of calcium and it’s salicylate free.

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