12 ways to take Skin Friend

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If you have eczema, topical steroid withdrawal (red skin syndrome), psoriasis, rosacea and dermatitis you probably find that you react to fruit flavourings, sugar, preservatives and a number of hidden ingredients in supplements. For this reason we have left them out of our products. 

Skin Friend is the first specialty product in our sensitive range – denoted by blue labels – for people with sensitivities to chemicals such as salicylates, colourings, flavourings and more. 

Joliee Skin is a 100% vegan company so our products are animal-cruelty free, seafood free and even honey-free. Every ingredient is non-GMO and we don’t add sweeteners or fruit flavourings so you have the power to choose to add sweetener or not.

The purity of our supplements means you also choose how you consume Skin Friend. Here are some suggestions ...

12 ways to take Skin Friend

Here are 12 fun ways to consume the Skin Friend supplements:

1. The no fuss approach: Mix Skin Friend into ¼ cup of filtered water. Skin Friend is free of disintegrate additives so allow time to dissolve or use a jar/shaker for instant mixing

2. Mix into fresh vegetable juice (the low-salicylate option is peeled pear, celery, parsley and/or iceberg lettuce; medium salicylate option: apple, celery, carrot and beetroot)

3. Add 1 scoop of Calcium Matrix PM and the juice of ½ a fresh lime to a large bottle of filtered water and sip throughout the day.

4. Make a Skin Friend Smoothie with Skin Friend AM, pawpaw, banana and organic rice/soy milk (milk to suit your allergies and sensitivities)

5. Mix Calcium Matrix PM into your milk-of-choice

6. Make your own calcium-rich non-dairy milk: blend cooked brown rice or raw soaked cashews, water and Calcium Matrix PM

7. Mix into home-made Banana Nice Cream

8. Freeze into home-made ice-blocks

9. Mix into home-made Pear and Vanilla Jam and spread onto toast

10. Mix into a little pure maple syrup or mashed banana (these can be also spread onto toast)

11. Mix into pure pear juice

12. Mix into cold or lukewarm food (e.g. Calcium Matrix PM can be mixed into decaf coffee but Skin Friend AM cannot be mixed into hot drinks)


How we consume it in our household

My daughter is 16 and she likes Skin Friend AM in a very small amount of water - less water gives it a stronger citrus-like flavour (too much water dilutes the flavour) and it's nice stronger.

She has the Calcium Matrix PM in a non-dairy banana smoothie. If her eczema ever returns (ie from eating too much avocado and soy sauce), then she has 4 scoops of the AM product for a few days, then when her skin gets better, usually within a week she cuts back to 3 scoops, consumed 3 times a week (her skin responds quickly to Skin Friend as she has taken it on and off for years, but everyone is different).

You can also find your own way of taking the Skin Friend supplements. Feel free to share your mixing 



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  • ria on

    My daughter is 16 and still has eczema come and go but its constant on her scalp. We have never tried Skin friend, id like to now how to use it, can she take it daily even when she doesn’t have eczema or only when it appears and for how long to take it.


  • Karen Fischer on

    Hi Elyne and Bernadette,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Bernadette, yes, Skin Friend is suitable for a 5 year old. If there is a severe flare up 2 scoops of each is ok. 1 scoop is plenty for maintenance.

    Elyne, yes, please up the dose of AM for your daughter to 3 scoops. She can have it all at once, or spread it throughout the day. Just make sure she has it with food.

  • Bernardette on

    Can a 5 year old take these products?

  • Elyne Hah on

    My daughter is 15, she still have her eczema on her arms and her face turn red and dry, her ears will crack on the joint if she had something she allergy to. We have been on Eczema diet and into our week 15 now. Do you think I should let her take AM twice a day ( 4 scoops )? Can we take AM and PM on a long term basis ? She is having her 5th set of AM and PM now. We still have not try stage 2 food yet. Thanks.

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