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Last week I had lunch with a friend of mine and I was struck with how amazing her skin looked. I couldn’t stop staring. She had a glow like a happy bride only she wasn’t in love. She just had a 10-minute laser facial, then came straight to our lunch. I kept saying, oh my God, your skin looks amazing.

I usually rely on eating well to keep my skin looking good. Also in my line of work I test a lot of skin care products, which I get to try for free. As I have sensitive skin, trying new skin care products often result in negative reactions – skin breakouts, rash or dry skin – so I am not always able to write about the products I test.

However, I was curious about the instant results of the laser treatment so after my lunch with my beautiful friend I made an appointment with Clean, Clear and Correct.

I had a 1980s themed part to go to later that night so I would either walk into the party looking like I did in the 1980s (with incredibly young skin) or I would break out in a rash or something, which was also typical of my skin back in the 1980s. I was a bit nervous to say the least.

Anti-aging treatments   

I walked in and was greeted by Natalie, who had amazing skin. She told me the 10-Minute Laser Facial involved using two lasers: the YAG laser, which deep cleans and removes dead skin cells and helps to stimulate dermal collagen. The second one – the IPL laser – helps to regulate oil production in the skin and even the complexion and more.

When I had the treatment (which initially takes 20 minutes) it stung a little but not nearly as much as waxing or hair laser removal. And I could smell something burning, which was probably my skin.

Clean, Clear and Correct also offer ozone-boosted express teeth whitening performed by a dental hygienist, so I had a couple of treatments. It was so lovely having whiter teeth but I instantly felt like drinking a cup of tea, which is a no-no if you have just whitened your teeth.

After both treatments I walked out with very soft skin that was visibly smoother. The effects were not as dramatic as my friend’s but I had no adverse reactions and I went to my party feeling good about my skin. The positive effects lasted for two days.

Clean, Clear and Correct recommend you do the skin laser treatments two to three times a week, and the teeth whitening can be done monthly or every 2-3 months to maintain results.

They are currently located in Mosman in Sydney and if you don’t live nearby (like me), the distance of the location is the only downside. However, if you live in America, their parent company is Skin Laundry, which utilises the same laser technology.

Clean, Clear and Correct's website 

Top photo: Bianca. Middle photo: Natalie and Penelope




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