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Karen Fischer     

Nutritionist, BHSc.

Nutritionist Karen Fischer is the author of five health books including The Eczema Diet and the award-winning book The Healthy Skin Diet.

Karen previously suffered from many skin problems including chronic hand dermatitis and psoriasis. However, Karen's dedication and passion for helping people with skin disorders began when her baby daughter developed severe eczema.

By age two, her daughter's eczema had worsened. So with Karen's passion and interest in nutritional biochemistry, she designed a diet and an eczema supplement that completely cleared up her daughter's eczema.

Karen later conducted years of research and writing, and four years of testing to develop the range of JOLIEE SKIN supplements which are available via prescription.

For the last decade Karen has helped hundreds of patients to clear up their skin disorders. Karen's passion for helping people with eczema led her to create the website EczemaLife.com.

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QUALIFICATIONS: Karen is a registered nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science Degree (University of New England) and a Diploma of Nutrition (NCC). IICT Membership Number: 1908145909.


Karen's books include >

Younger Skin in 28 Days   I   The Eczema Diet   I   Healthy Family, Happy Family  
Don't Tell Them It's Healthy    I  The Healthy Skin Diet



The Healthy Skin Diet was awarded 'Best Health, Nutrition or Diet Book' at the Australian Food Media Awards in 2008.

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