Eczema Detox Starter Pack
Eczema Detox Starter Pack
Eczema Detox Starter Pack
Eczema Detox Starter Pack
Eczema Detox Starter Pack
Eczema Detox Starter Pack
Eczema Detox Starter Pack
Eczema Detox Starter Pack
Eczema Detox Starter Pack
Eczema Detox Starter Pack

Eczema Detox Starter Pack

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The Eczema Detox starter pack contains everything you need to begin The Eczema Detox, plus you receive a free Eczema Diet shopping guide to help you get started immediately. 

Whether you have a mild patch of dermatitis or you’re enduring chronic eczema or TSW from head to toe, The Eczema Detox shows you how to create beautiful skin for life. Tried and tested for more than a decade, the comprehensive program covers all eczema conditions and features separate programs catering for all age groups, including babies.

Author and registered nutritionist, Karen Fischer, began her research after her daughter developed eczema. After successfully treating her daughter who is now completely eczema-free, Karen has treated thousands of eczema sufferers of all ages from around the world. 

This book is the most comprehensive eczema 'how-to' manual you will ever own, plus there are delicious recipes, vitamin supplements and a free online support network to help you along your journey to clear skin.  

The pack includes Skin Friend AM and PM which are pure vitamin and minerals supplements designed for people with skin problems and sensitive skin. Karen has worked on this supplement duo for over a decade, testing the formulas and prescribing them to patients with a range of skin rashes.  

The Eczema Diet Starter Pack contains:

  • Skin Friend AM (new large 90g / 3.2oz size)
  • Skin Friend PM (90g / 3.2oz)
  • The Eczema Detox book (new 2018)
  • Free e-book: Eczema Diet Ultimate Shopping Guide + Program (choose from USA, Canadian, NZ and Australian versions -- all other countries choose the USA version)

Includes free shipping to most countries worldwide.

Skin Friend AM 

Skin Friend AM is a fine, pure powder supplement. Contains ingredients that assist in the healing and repair of the skin. Contains ingredients that support the health and function of the immune system. 

  • The Skin Friend AM Advanced Formula includes important liver detoxification nutrients including Taurine, Choline, Inositol, Methyl-Folate, Vitamin B5 and more.

Skin Friend PM  

Skin Friend PM supports healthy skin, hair and nails with a synergistic blend of Silica, Calcium, Magnesium and Glycine. Ideal for adults, teens and children age 1 or older.

Some of the many benefits of taking PM:

  • Glycine promotes collagen formation in the skin and it aids sleep at night.
  • Calcium is involved in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth.
  • PM supplies fine quality calcium for people who cannot consume dairy due to eczema or allergies. 
  • Magnesium glycinate is easy to digest and absorb (most supplements use magnesium oxide which is poorly absorbed). 
  • It's a pure powder with absolutely no additives!
  • New larger size with more value: Contains a generous 90-day supply for a child and a 45-day supply for an adult or teen.
  • It can be taken at anytime of the day or night or before bed.

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