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Probiotics: are they good for eczema?

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 Probiotics for eczema


Six years ago after reviewing several research papers I started recommending probiotics for people with eczema. Today I read new research which instantly changed my mind

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Rosacea Symptoms, Causes + Treatments

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Rosacea Causes, Symptoms and Treatments


What is rosacea? Here is our 5-step treatment plan from The Healthy Skin Diet ...


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12 Signs Your Liver Needs a Detox

chemical sensitivity liver detoxification salicylate sensitivity

Detox your liver, signs, symptoms, treatments


Do you have any of the following liver signs and symptoms? Do the quiz

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What is Salicylate Sensitivity?

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Blueberries image at Joliee Skin


Do you suffer from itchy skin, headaches, migraines, irritable bowel symptoms or asthma?
You might be reacting to salicylates

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MSG Sensitivity Symptoms

chemical sensitivity detoxification eczema salicylate sensitivity the eczema diet treatment

Tomatoes MSG image Joliee Skin


MSG consumption can cause a vast range of side-effects including eczema
symptoms. This article includes a printable shopping guide ... 

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