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The eczema detox starter pack

If your mother is like my mum, you might find it tricky to think of something new or special (or right!) to get her for Mother's Day or her birthday.

My mother is now 80 (yes 80!) and I asked her last week what it's like to be 80. I expected her to complain but she replied 'I don't feel any different.' Not many mum's can say that. I know I feel tired at times because I am so busy. Quite frankly I did not believe her... of course she feels different but mums are often programmed to not complain – ever!

Mothers with eczema

So I started thinking about all of the mothers who suffer with eczema. It must be hard ... you have to look after the family AND itch like crazy, have poor sleep and more. They may not complain but they can silently suffer. 

So if you know a mother who has eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis or topical steroid withdrawal (red skin syndrome), this gift pack could brighten up her day.  

Eczema Detox Starter Pack

Skin Friend starter pack

These products are very dear to me and I have spent many years gathering feedback from my eczema patients. The Eczema Detox Starter Pack includes my new book (released in 2018); Skin Friend AM and PM, and free shipping to most countries. 

You don't need to be a mother to buy this special pack as anyone can use it. The book has information for all ages including babies with eczema. The Skin Friend supplements are suitable for children over the age of 1 year, teens and adults.

If you would like more information click on the pictures. See our testimonials at the bottom of this product page or here

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This is Karen Fischer's eczema detox program and supplements for skin health and wellbeing.


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  • Aleea on

    When will you be getting more stock of the gift pack so that I can order please?

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