The Skin Friend Supplement

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Hi guys, I'm so excited to share with you the supplement that I developed to treat my daughter's eczema. 

Making Skin Friend has really been a labour of love and my daughter still loves it to keep her skin clear (so she can eat everything). 

I have been working on the Skin Friend supplement for more than ten years, testing formulas and getting feedback from patients at the Eczema Life Clinic in Sydney.

My patients use it for eczema, as well as dermatitis, TSWS, Red Skin Syndrome and other skin rashes. I have prescribed it to my patients for years now and I know you’ll love it. Take SKIN FRIEND for at least 12 weeks.

If you would like to order Skin Friend click on the photo below."

Much love, 

Karen Fischer (Eczema Life Clinic)


Watch our 7 News video (photo: the Skin Friend Smoothie) 

7 News eczema story



  Buy Skin Friend AMSkin Friend PM with calcium and magnesiumSkin Friend Original 2-Pack

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