Top 5 Eczema Itch-Busters

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Stop the itch of eczema

The itch of eczema can cause great pain and discomfort - at times the itch can feel like you're living on an ant's nest! It can disturb sleep and prevent you from doing fun activities such as swimming and socialising. However, if you have itchy skin there is plenty you can do about it.  

Top 5 natural itch-busting treatments

  1. Drink an alkalising drink such as celery, pear and mung bean sprouts (The Eczema Diet recipe)
  2. Fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and hold it next to the skin
  3. Have a brief warm bath and add some bicarb soda to the water (afterwards, moisturise your skin with a non-irritating eczema ointment)
  4. Take a calcium supplement – calcium is alkalising and it can reduce acid in the body
  5. Change your diet to one that is low in salicylates, dairy-free, allergen-free and healthy
Changing your diet to one that is healthy and designed for treating eczema works by giving your body a break from the foods that can trigger flare ups. A healthy, low-salicylate program can also improve your genetic health, detoxify your liver (which processes chemicals), improve digestive health, and more.  Read more about eczema >

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      • Libby-Jane on

        My 12 year old has developed some eczema around his nose, I’ve got some cream his doctor prescribed but it’s not doing much good, so I will get my hands on your book and investigate!!!

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