Don't Tell Them It's Healthy

Don't Tell Them It's Healthy

How to get your child to eat healthy foods and ask for more... 

Karen Fischer has made your job easy by giving you meal plans, lunchbox tips and notes on preparing, cooking and presenting fruits and vegetables in a way that even the fussiest eater will say 'more vegies please'. This book shows fun ways to convince children to eat nutritious foods.

Reviews and testimonials

Our children are suffering from the effects of too much junk food, but simply damning the stuff is unlikely to help many to change their poor eating habits. It's so much better to look for positive suggestions and this book has some wonderfully creative ideas that could really turn your child on to healthy foods. Read it and benefit from Karen's practical experience and her infectious enthusiasm.”

~ Dr. Rosemary Stanton OAM, Nutritionist


“Hi, just read your book "Don’t tell them it’s healthy". IT WORKS. Had my 5yr old daughter telling me this morning that "she needs some broccoli" because her little sister was stronger than her and pushing her around. I said that’s good because there is some in your lunch box and she was thrilled. This is after one afternoon of using this tactic. THANK YOU!” 

~ Tabatha W, mother of two 


 "A healthy child is a happy child and in our busy world filled with fast food options, I want to make sure my daughter Charlotte’s nutritional requirements are met. Don’t Tell Them It Is Healthy is full of simple, practical tips to ensure Charlotte eats a balanced diet and will also help give her the life skills to make her own healthy eating choices."

Dr. Katrina Warren, television presenter, vet and mother of one


“For someone who struggles to read a page a month of any book I just gobbled down your book. Thank you for taking the lolly argument out of my life! I love saying is "is it lolly day?". The dreaded bday party lolly bags... How about starting the "dont tell them it's healthy lolly bag"? "Brainy" bread has had a big impact. Ed who is 6 is very excited about the human brain and the rest of the body. Over night he went from white bread to grain bread. Bit by bit he is increasing the amount of lettuce on his home cooked burgers. Thank you thank you thank you."

~ Robyn Bernstein, mother of two


“I was so relieved to read "Don't tell them it’s healthy", and to know there was practical help out there for us parents of fussy eaters. I felt supported and inspired by Karen's words and advice, and as I spanned the pages of the book I felt the stress lifting from my shoulders. I could not wait to take my new and creative outlook on food to the dining table. I am really thrilled to say that Karen's tips and advice have substantially improved my daughter's eating habits and made meal times fun. Food is now an inspiring substance for both my daughter and myself and I'm sure my little one feels empowered by choosing to eat vegetables that will "make her dance like Angelina Ballerina!" Thank you Karen for making meal times fun again.”

Penne Dennison, television presenter on Movie Network (and Hey Hey It’s Saturday) and mother of two


"I am still laughing just thinking about when I told my 4yr old girl about power fruit... It was amazing, and we have been talking about it for weeks now! And she will come out with things like "yeah lets have some power fruit so I can dance for a really long time". And when we are at the markets, she picks the "power fruit" that she would like to eat. And as for vegies, it is working well too. And for "sometimes food", you made a lot of sense. I would constantly say no to certain foods saying that we can only have them sometimes, but I never explained when that would be. So their "treat" for the week is "nutella sandwhich tuesday" which is only to be on grain bread (white bread no longer exists in our house). This also works fantastic. No more "can I have a nutella sanwhich today? which I was dealing with almost every lunchtime... I am so glad that I was able to read your books."

~ Jasmin Santosuosso, mother of one  


“Don't Tell Them it's Healthy is truly original. The simple and effective alternatives that Karen's book provides for parents struggling to get their children to eat healthy foods on a daily basis not only work! but also empower the child so we can treat them as intelligent beings. Thanks Karen!”

~ Louise McGregor, Business owner (P'S IN A POD) and mother of two


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