Test My pH {Refill}
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Test My pH {Refill}


Test your pH at home, anytime, and monitor your acid-alkaline balance. It's easy and it only takes 15 seconds.  

NOTE: this is the refill packet. If you don't already have the Test My pH tin, you can buy it here >>

If you have any skin issues, this is a useful tool to monitor your progress on your way to beautiful skin. And you don't need to have problem skin to use the kit, it's helpful for anyone who wants to monitor how their diet affects their pH. 

Test My pH REFILL contains:

  • 100 accurate wide-range pH strips to quickly and easily measure the pH of saliva and urine (from pH 4.5 to pH 9.0)

This kit does not contain the tin which has the pH chart to compare your results. If you want the complete kit with chart and food lists, or to read about the health benefits see this page >>


100 x pH strips
{packaged in a small sterile plastic zip lock bag}  
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