Skin Friend Gift Pack (free booklet)
Skin Friend Gift Pack (free booklet)
Skin Friend Gift Pack (free booklet)
Skin Friend Gift Pack (free booklet)
Skin Friend Gift Pack (free booklet)

Skin Friend Gift Pack (free booklet)

Begin your journey to clear skin or give this attractive boxed gift pack to a loved one.
The Skin Friend Gift Pack includes Skin Friend AM and PM which are pure vitamin and mineral supplements developed by nutritionist Karen Fischer, author of The Eczema Diet. Karen has worked on this supplement duo for over a decade, testing the formulas and prescribing them to patients with skin rashes. 

The Skin Friend Gift Pack contains:

  • Skin Friend AM x 1
  • Skin Friend PM (Calcium Matrix) x 1
  • pH Kit (100 accurate pH test strips) 
  • Free Eczema Life booklet with the Itchy Dozen food list
  • Packaged in a quality kraft gift box
For a limited time you also receive a complimentary second bottle of Skin Friend AM plus a copy of our Eczema Life booklet which includes the Itchy Dozen Worst Foods for Eczema.

    Skin Friend AM (60g oral powder)

    Skin Friend AM is a fine, pure powder supplement. Contains ingredients that assist in the healing and repair of the skin. Contains ingredients that support the health and function of the immune system. 

    Calcium Matrix PM (60g oral powder)

    Calcium Matrix PM is a fine, pure powder supplement. Contains a highly alkaline blend of calcium and magnesium. This product offers important nutritional support for children and adults who may be on a dairy-free diet or allergy-restricted diet to treat their skin inflammation. 

    Contains a 60-day supply for a child and a 30-day supply for an adult or teen.

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