Skin Friend Bath (200g/7oz) NEW!
Skin Friend Bath (200g/7oz) NEW!
Skin Friend Bath (200g/7oz) NEW!
Skin Friend Bath (200g/7oz) NEW!

Skin Friend Bath (200g/7oz) NEW!

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Soothing bath treatment for dry, itchy or irritated skin, eczema, hives, poison ivy and insect bites.

  • Colloidal oatmeal is rich in soothing mucilage to lock in moisture and calm itchy skin. (ref)
  • Zinc oxide facilitates wound healing. Our zinc is the finest quality Non-nano zinc.
  • Sodium bicarbonate contains potent antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which can effectively treat Staph infections. (ref


Natural, fine powdered colloidal oatmeal, sodium bicarbonate and zinc oxide.

100% vegan-friendly, NO additives.

200g / 7oz 


While the bath is filling with lukewarm water, sprinkle 1-3 heaped teaspoons of Skin Friend BATH into the water and briefly mix, using your hand. Soak and relax in the bathwater for 5 to 10 minutes. Gently pat skin dry and apply moisturiser.

Compress instructions

Mix 2 teaspoons with enough water to make a thick paste. Place it onto irritated skin for 2-10 minutes. Rinse well, gently dry and moisturise your skin.

It's easy and effective!

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